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Best Method of Generating Leads: Pay Per Click Advertising

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Webrageous, a pay per click management business, validate that PPC advertising is two times as quick at creating leads as SEO, or search engine optimization, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Their studies also confirm the notion from software business Wordstream that clicks for compensated Google search postings were two times the number of organic clicks.  The study exhibited paid results made up 64.6 percent of clicks of search engine responses, while organic clicks amassed 35.4 percent.

The study from Webrageous contradicts a survey conducted by online company Webmarketing123.  Webmarketin123 claimed that SEO was much better at producing leads and that social marketing produced the same results as paid ads.  Their survey consisted of 500 B2B and B2C vendors.

“Pay per click advertising will only be effective if a marketer’s campaigns are well managed,” said David Chapman, Webrageous Director of Marketing. “If a pay per click campaign is not effectively managed, then it is missing out on leads that are there for the taking.

“The analysis by Wordstream proves that paid search advertising is twice as successful in receiving clicks as organic search results for commercial searches. It is merely a matter of having the right team of pay per click managers to see to it that you are appearing on the first page of results.

“There is no doubt at all according to our research that pay per click advertising is the fastest way to generate leads. While it usually takes a year or more to see positive lead generating results through SEO and through social marketing, well-managed pay per click campaigns will be generating leads after just a couple of days.”

The widely regarded notion is that pay per click is much pricier in comparison to SEO.  Webrageous disagrees.

Thanks in part to the amount of time and money it costs, specifically modernizing web pages and creating content that is added by search engines that are supremely high up the pecking order, SEO is much more expensive than PPC ads.

The Webrageous study states PPC gets the same bottom line as SEO, with SEO having to wait 10 times the waiting period that PPC does.

“The leads generated through pay per click advertising are far more valuable than those of SEO and than other forms of online advertising, such as banner advertisements, since advertisers know that people searching for, and clicking on, the online advertisements are already interested in the content.”

“While many studies and surveys compare SEO with pay per click in terms of generating leads, they fail to look at whether the marketers are managing their own campaigns or outsourcing pay per click management to experienced professionals,” Chapman said.

Best Method of Generating Leads: Pay Per Click Advertising by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes