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Shutdown Limits Effect on Employee Benefits

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The partial federal government shutdown amidst the launch of online health exchanges has left many employers and employees confused on the next course of action. But the online public health exchanges that was the result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are open during this federal shut down period. Many observers feel that it is ironical to note that the exchanges, which were solely responsible for the federal shutdown, continue to function leaving a mess around it. Employers can still get into the official web site and get information on how to enroll for the coverage selected through the state exchanges.

The small business version of the health exchange SHOP has still not gone online. But the applicants can continue to access SHOP through emails, fax and phone. The delay in the online launch has been attributed to some technical glitch rather than the federal shutdown. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) would have only 11 employees taking care of critical services. Non essential services such as resolving union disputes and reinstating employees have been completely suspended. The Treasury Department would continue to disburse social security benefits and process automated revenue collection during the shutdown period. The treasury Department’s largest component, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has stopped performing majority of its activities.

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Shutdown Limits Effect on Employee Benefits by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes