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Working Beyond Borders, A Study by IBM CHRO

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A study by IBM of Chief Human Resources Officers is trying to determine what ‘borders’ exist in the workforce. These are gaps where the workforce lacks a particular set of skills. Namely, they need to foster a workforce which brings in more intelligent workers, faster workers, and more leadership ability. As companies try to expand outward into different marketplaces, creating new products, and offering new services, they require more flexible workers. Today’s workplace is a dynamic, ever-changing place, and these borders need to be erased. It requires more than just changing how employees get their job done, there are solutions which can be used to assist them. Behavioral data can be used to engage employees in different ways which can better suit them. It can also be used to keep track of who is the best at their job, keeping tabs on their intellectual abilities. But it is also useful to make sure that employees are being motivated properly. Poorly motivated employees make bad employees, regardless of if they are intelligent or skilled at what they do. Making sure they are motivated will ensure that one gets as much out of their employees as possible. It’s not a good idea to just ‘grind away’ and expect the best.

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Working Beyond Borders, A Study by IBM CHRO by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes