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EmploymentCrossing Works for Job Seekers in Offering the Most Options

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When you use Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, or any other similar site, you are being offered jobs paid to gain your attention. Careerbuilder, for instance, requires money for job posts. EmploymentCrossing is different. As they promise on their site, “We work for job seekers, and not employers and advertisers.” That means they are not paid to nudge you into a bad job. They want you to take the best job possible.

Not only does EmploymentCrossing offer you the best jobs, unbiased, and with your happiness and success in mind, instead of the employer’s, but they in fact offer more jobs anyway. Doing a simply query for “Writer” at Careerbuilder shows 2,216 hits. On Monster it brings up a bit over a 1,000 hits. At EmploymentCrossing, a search for “Writer” shows an astounding 9,287 hits.

They offer more hits, but also they offer more carefully structured hits, so that you aren’t wasting your time evading the nets of bad jobs that have to pay to trick people into working for them.

Try EmploymentCrossing out: it comes with a free-three day trial. You will be given a wide range of jobs relevant to where you want to work, and what you want to do, and they do so in a nonbiased manner, hoping that you not only have a range of jobs to choose from, but that you choose from among them the ultimate fit, so that you are happy in your job, and recommend the site to others.

Why settle for any job that will hire you? Treat the market as if it were an employee’s market. EmploymentCrossing does, and that makes all the difference in your job hunt.

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EmploymentCrossing Works for Job Seekers in Offering the Most Options by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes