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Schools Receive Advertisement Revenue

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An advertising network has recently been launched and is referred to as the website. This advertising network helps to support the community by donating half of its advertisement revenue to all different types of schools located in areas around the United States. With this website set up, advertisers have no problem reaching the people they are trying to reach, which includes the specific people they are looking to target for advertisements on certain products and brands. In the meantime, the money they are spending on advertising helps to support schools around the United States, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Advertisements that are displayed for products, which could include household items or beauty products, can actually help different schools around the United States. The My School Swap LLC has designed this program and advertising network as a way to help schools, especially since many schools are struggling because of budget cuts that often need to be made. The company has gathered a database of hundreds and thousands of both public schools and private schools. All of these schools will have developed their own page for content and those who are in support of the schools can post advertisements, ultimately helping the schools to earn more money.

The website first launched earlier on in the year and was only in its beta phase at first, in order to test everything and ensure that the website operated efficiently. During the month of April, the website finally was available to the general public and since then, payments have already been made to several different schools, many of which are located in the Virginia area. This is good news, especially since this was the primary goal of the My School Swap. The website is able to generate revenue by selling credits that will allow advertisers to display their advertisements on just about anything. Advertisements are broken down into categories, ranging from items that are on sale to handmade items and other categories as well. When the credits are sold, half of the profit goes to any school that the member chooses to donate the money to. Perhaps one of the best things about the My School Swap is that the website is able to do a whole lot for so many different communities without having to put too much effort into the entire process. The website encourages others to contribute to their community and help these schools, many of which truly need the support.

My School Swap can make such a huge impact on so many different schools in little to no time at all. Each time an advertiser buys the advertising credits and chooses to donate to a school, they are earning money that can be used toward books, computers and other important educational tools that will help students with their learning experience.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes