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Career In Game Testing

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Because of the huge growth the gaming industry has gone through, they need lots of game testers to help fine tune their product.  If you are really good at video games, then you may have what it takes to join the ranks of professional game testers. You can read our full reviews at our site Skeptic-Reviews dot com.

Becoming a game tester is probably a little more than you would expect.  There are three things you must have before pursuing a game tester job.

1. A Sincere Love of Playing Video Games!

I mean you love to play all the time and almost never get tired     of playing. if you could be fed through a tube you would play     forever.  If you’re a casual player then this might not be for     you.

2. You Are Really Good!

You have to also be really good at video games. These companies     don’t have a lot of time waiting for you to learn the game. If     you don’t have skills, how can you test a new game for release?

3. Must be 16 Years of Age.

This is a qualification that meets child labor laws and is the     minimum age that can be employed for this type of work. If your     just a bit younger then you can always start getting ready by     working on your skills and staying up to date with the new games     and trends.

If you have these three things then you have the foundation to be a game tester. The next step is creating a gamer profile and getting it out to the appropriate companies for review.

You can do this yourself, or you can sign up with one of the game tester clubs that are legitimate and they will help do most of the ground work for you.

Don’t want to wait?  Then check out one of the services in our reviews by clicking the link in the author or resource box with this article..

We reviewed most services and found the ones that can actually help you achieve this goal. Please read our reviews and see if one of these fits you best. Go to Skeptic-Reviews dot com to read our full review.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes