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Want Some Advice? Learn to Type

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TypewriterThe one skill you need that will serve you well in almost any job on the planet?


It doesn’t matter if you dig holes or design clothes, fight for your country or manufacture widgets. After speaking, typing is the main way people communicate — and with the growth of the Internet, those two methods may switch places in importance.

Many professionals assume they don’t have to know how to type (or for that matter, how to operate a computer). They assume that because they’re an expert in law, or medicine, or engineering, or marketing, that they can stick to those skills and let the peons do the typing (or use the computer).

Not true. No matter your profession, if you can’t use a PC or Mac, then you’re not qualified. Every profession on the planet requires computer skills today, even if it’s just to use email. Even the Amish are using computers now (no joke).

And if you can’t type, then you’re just slowing yourself down, and putting yourself at the mercy of your subordinates who can type.

I have to make an admission here — I’m a professional writer, and I can’t type. At least, I can’t type correctly. I use three fingers on my right hand and one on my left. Yet, I still type 52 words a minute.

I was once hired to teach typing to adult students! I passed the typing test with my 52 wpm score. So for a year, I taught typing. I never learned typing, but my students did, and that’s what counts. Right?

I sometimes wonder how fast I would be if I learned to type correctly. Maybe it’s time I found out.

Want Some Advice? Learn to Type by
Authored by: Erik Even