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How to Tie a Necktie

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Did you know that neckties were invented by Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years’ War? Neither did I. But at least now we know who to blame.

The most common necktie knot, and the only one I know, is the “Four-in-Hand.” Sure, James Bond uses the Windsor, but the simple Four-in-Hand has worked great for me since high school graduation.

Here, for the benefit of our male readers and Annie Lennox, is how you tie a necktie:

How to Tie a Necktie1. Place the tie around the collar the right way visible (i.e. the seams and label not visible). The relative length of the narrow and wide ends can be adjusted with practice so that the tie is the desired length. A good starting guide is to have the wide end 30 cm or 12 inches lower than the narrow end.
2. Place the wide end of the tie across the front of the narrow end about 12 cm or 5 inches from the collar.
3. Fold the wide end behind the narrow end and loop the same (wide) end over the front.
4. Put the wide end through the back of the large loop (which is around the neck).
5. Push through the same (wide) end through the smaller loop (around the tie) and pull it through carefully. Be careful to make sure that the wide end does not begin to fold near the forming knot and straighten it if this occurs.
6. Pull the larger end until the shape of the knot is what you want.
7. Pull the thin end carefully, to move the knot closer to your collar.
8. Make small adjustments until you are happy with the knot.

There. Now that your airway is properly restricted, it’s time for that interview! And don’t feel too put upon, boys — at least we don’t have to wear heels.

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Authored by: Erik Even