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Cybercrime Firm Uncovered Attacks on U.S. Merchants

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Target Corporation is under attack by cyber-hackers specifically targeting credit and debit cards associated with the company. Criminals are using state of the art equipment to hack Target’s network and steals the personal information of all associated business coming in and out of Target. These attacks include Visa, banks and retailers, all with the potential to run charges up on any account. This is all done with the magnetic stripe band on the back of these cards which are just about only still utilized within the United States. However, in Europe their credit cards don’t require the magnetic band because they use more advanced technology with a microchip installed inside each credit card with very unique properties. Their new technology leaves criminals at a stall while the United States is wide open for attacks on individual’s credit. The brilliant mind of a 17 year old Russian teenager goes by the name Ree4 and he is the mastermind behind this data stealing to other big named criminals all in the ring of the black market selling third party information in the Target Corporation hack. Hopefully these attacks will come to a cease when the United States finally decides to change over their credit system to a much more advanced microchip like our European allies.

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Cybercrime Firm Uncovered Attacks on U.S. Merchants by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes