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Update Your Resume Often on Granted No Matter the Job Situation

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An excellent piece of career advice floating around these days is that you should update your resume as often as possible so it does not get stale. Maybe you have not done so in a couple of years because you have been working in a steady job. Well, if you are looking for a confidence booster, updating the resume could be just the fix.

Once you update your resume you can post it to Granted so employers can find it on the site. An update to your resume will not only help boost your confidence, but also remind you of the skills you have. The list of skills on your resume might not be correct because over the past five years you could have acquired new skills not on there. Make sure you add them and put them at the top of the list.

Also, your resume should be updated to include the jobs you have worked in the past handful of years. By updating your resume while working a steady job, you will have it ready to send out at a moment’s notice should you find a job that interests you on Granted.

By updating your resume, you will be able to see how far you have come in five years. Look at the jobs you once worked and the position you hold now and your confidence level should skyrocket. Check Granted daily for available positions within your industry.

Update Your Resume Often on Granted No Matter the Job Situation by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes