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Helpful Tips for Improving Resume of Older Workers

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If you are over the average retirement age of 55 and still planning on working or looking for employment, you’re not alone. There are more older workers than ever before revamping their resumes and looking for employment in the United States. While at times it can seem difficult to compete against younger individuals who have grown up in this technological age, there are way to improve your resume and get a job at any age. Here are some helpful tips for getting your resume ready.

Consider Your Transferable Skills

By now, you likely have a long list of job skills that prove helpful for a wide range of jobs, however not all of them are entirely relevant. When listing your job skills on your ready, consider which are transferrable to other types of positions, particularly those relevant in today’s job market. Just having good typing skills isn’t that relevant because everyone basically has these skills. Instead, hone in on specific skills, like a fast typing speed, knowing computer programs many businesses still use today, and special customer service skills. Even skills you received from a volunteer or community project can be useful to list on your resume.

Be Careful With Your Wording

Another part of age proofing your resume is by changing the wording and not using outdated phrases. It can be tempting to keep the majority of your resume as-is and only updating your job skills or experience, but the overall wording makes a difference. Consider the phrasing used in today’s modern society and let it give you some insight into what should be included or removed. One habit to break is using the old adage “responsible for.” It is still commonly used, but many employers and HR representatives are looking for a more active statement. Explain what you did without prefacing with this or other common intros, like “duties include.”

Recent Experience First

Your most recent work experience and skills should always be listed first, even if you believe your best experience to be from 20 years ago. If you must include the older experience, put it in a separate section with previous work experience, not to be combined with your more recent positions. This helps HR understand you are listing older experience as a way to prove your skills and past work experience, but not focusing so much on it.

Format it Correctly

If you have had the same resume format more than a few years, it’s time to update it. While you don’t want to go too format-crazy, it is okay to use slightly more modern fonts and styles. It is still acceptable to use the trusted Times New Roman, and an HR representative won’t look down on it. But capturing the attention of hiring managers is also done with some of the more modern fonts and styles. If you are active on social media, absolutely include it on your resume. It really helps show that while you’re older, you are up to date with modern technology.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes