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Want to Get Rich? Attend One of the Top 10 Business Schools for Billionaires

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Want to Get Rich? Attend One of the Top Ten Business Schools for Billionaires

Are you going into business for the money? Take a look, then, at how business schools rank in terms of the number of billionaires they generated. After all, even if you don’t end up a billionaire, it couldn’t hurt going to a school known to create them.

Harvard Business School has 64 billionaires for alumni, the highest on the list by a high margin, nearly tripling Stanford in the number two spot.

As for why Harvard would be the obvious winner, we might ask, if you had money to begin with, and sought a whole bunch more, what school would you choose?

It makes sense that seven out of ten of these schools are U.S. based, given America’s attitude toward wealth, with ideals such as the “self-made man” and “the pursuit of happiness” (which amounts to most people as the pursuit of property), and the disparity between CEO’s and the average worker, which makes for a larger margin than any European country.

This report, produced by Wealth-X on Tuesday, further concluded 20 percent of the world’s billionaires who sought post-secondary education have an MBA; but Wealth-X also discovered in an earlier study that 25 percent of them didn’t graduate from college at all.

The ranking is as follows:

1. Harvard University (64)

2. Stanford University (23)

3. Columbia University (14)

4. University of Pennsylvania (12)

5. University of Chicago (10)

6. INSEAD (9)

7. New York University (7)

8. International Institute for Management Development (5)

9. University of Southern California (5)

10. London Business School (4)

Which business school do you think is best?

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Want to Get Rich? Attend One of the Top 10 Business Schools for Billionaires by
Authored by: Daniel June