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How to Land a Summer or Part Time Job

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Whether you are still in high school and looking for a way to earn money during your evenings off or you are in college and needing summer employment, you have many options. While retail and food service are great jobs to look out for, it isn’t the only option available to you. Regardless of what type of job you want over the summer or during your free time, these tips can help you find employment.

Get the Details in Order

Before you even start looking for places that are hiring, consider the details. Write out the days and times you can or are willing to work, the type of job you want, where it needs to be located according to the type of transportation you have, and what pay you are hoping for. By being detailed with your wants and needs, it helps you narrow down your job prospects considerably.

Consider Your Special Skills

Next, anyone who interviews you is going to want to know more about you, specifically with any special skills or expertise you bring to the table. You want to give them a reason to hire you over other people they are interviewing. Before your interview, start listing some skills that you find to be valuable for certain types of jobs, such as volunteering at a local business answering phones, having excellent and advanced computer skills, or being a naturally organized person.

Perfect Your Resume

Even when applying for a local retail job, you need to have a resume. If applying online, they are most likely going to ask you to email a copy of your resume, and you should always bring a copy with you to every interview. If this is your very first job, pull some experience from high school or college courses you have had, volunteer experience, even if you answered phones for your parent’s office. This all counts as experience and is great to put on your resume.

Use Multiple Resources

When it comes to finding the jobs to apply for, use multiple resources. Drive around to local businesses and shopping malls to find Now Hiring signs in the window, update your profile on LinkedIn, make a mention on Facebook and Titter that you are looking for part time work. Checking online listings and contacting local temporary employment agencies should be added to other methods of looking for work.

Know Where to Look

There are many different types of businesses willing to hire someone for temporary or part time work, especially during the summer when their business increases. Some places to look, with little or no experience, includes local corporate offices, retail, food service, summer or day camps, shopping malls, photo studios, theme parks and tourist attractions, and local hotels.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes