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Perspective, The News and You

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As news addicts, we have a hard time harkening back to before the 24-hour stream of current event goodies that now fill every formerly unoccupied inch of our TV screens and web browsers. Scrolling goodies link murders to mall collapses to wayward moose in the span of a few thousand tightly-crammed pixels. If we didn’t enjoy it so much, we’d overload.

From moveable type (Gutenberg’s gizmo, not the software) to “blasphemous,” anti-Monarchy pamphlets cranked out by American revolutionaries to the best of Heart’s “yellow journalism” to grainy B&W game shows sponsored by cigarette companies to today’s delicious docu-news-dramas, we have evolved! More please, in more ways. Hit us with it all. Tell us more!

And then, it gets consistently down, down, down. Stock market suicides, homeless and helpless, America stuck and sad. Bah! Take the bad with the good, we say. Keep your head up….blub…blub…blub…

And there is suffering on EVERY level. Consider this news coverage in the space of two lines of headline copy (links) on a MAJOR NEWS SITE!:

Zsa Zsa Furious With Madoff

Yes, that’s right. Zsa Zsa Gabor may be losing her satin shirt as part of a Ponzi scheme dubbed the CRIME OF THE CENTURY! “We might be forced to sell our Bel-Air home, cars, artwork and even our jewelry because of this sick man.”

Followed by…

Deliver pizzas, wife tells laid-off hubby

Donna LeBlanc gave her husband, a former restaurant manager, the stark ultimatum: become a pizza delivery man or their family ‘wouldn’t make it.’”

What a country!

So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, we’re not sure. We just found it damn interesting. But if there WERE a point, it would probably be something like this: If you accept the fact that such ubiquitous news delivery is here to stay, and it interests you even half as much as it interests us, you may want to consider a gander at careers through,, or OK, the last one doesn’t have much to do with news, but people still gotta eat. Right? Right?

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Authored by: PRGUY222