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The Biggest Loser

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It’s no secret that the economy and the job market, um, suck. Unemployment in the United States keeps climbing and harkening back to percentages from the years before most of our parents were even born. Damn!

And as sick as that is, more than a few people are taking some pleasure in a whole new category of under performers hitting the skids: the C-E-O! Oh, oh..

According to the January 13 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Six CEOs of publicly held companies have been replaced in the past eight days. And nope, they weren’t chronically late, drunk or smelly (although those details weren’t reported), they suffered from “poor financial results, slumping stock prices and, in some cases, investor criticism.” Ouch.

So here’s our theory: When SO MANY people have been laid off at a company there are few places left to place the blame, go for the big-ass salary at the top. Makes sense.

And what’s the logical next step? Fill those CEO positions.
Look, they may not ALL be at, but alone is a good start. Sign up today! One price fits all. Yea, it’s time for a little more equalizing…

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Authored by: PRGUY222