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Take Advantage of Employer Offers to Return to School

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If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement program, be sure to take advantage of it to further your education and increase your worth to the company. Employers have these programs in place for employees to take advantage of them because when they do, the company becomes better as a whole.

Most employers disclose their tuition reimbursement programs during the second or third interviews with a candidate. The reason for this is that it could become a selling point for the company when trying to land top talent. The program is typically not mentioned in the first interview because the company has yet to determine if the candidate will be a good fit or not.

When working at a company that offers paid training or advanced degrees, it is in your best interests to take advantage of such a program. You will be able to take classes towards a second or a third undergraduate degree or even a master’s degree. Before enrolling in any classes, be sure to do your research. What degrees will you use the most at the company and which ones will help you get promoted quicker? When you figure this out you will be able to research the classes that fit your needs the most.

Companies want their employees to be as educated as possible because it improves the success of the company. This is why they offer tuition reimbursement. Now, most companies will have policies in place for such a program. These policies will help determine which employees are eligible for the program, how long they need to be employed at the company to take part in the program, what grade they need to earn for reimbursement, how many classes they can take at once and much more.

Businesses don’t want all of their employees out of the office all day long taking classes, which is why regulations are placed on the program. It is understandable that some classes, very rarely, will need to be taken during the day. But, for the most part, the classes will occur at night or even on the weekend.

If your company offers a tuition reimbursement program and you do not take advantage of it, you are only hurting yourself. Why would you not return to school to earn advanced degrees on someone else’s dime? Especially when the advanced degrees could lead to you earning a higher salary down the road either at the same company or at another one.

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Take Advantage of Employer Offers to Return to School by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes