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Don’t Get Too Comfortable-The War Ain’t Over

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Now feels great calmer, joining almost working world again. Thinking. Dump all the job-hunting rituals-scanning daily want ads, talking to anyone within shouting distance about job leads, and networking yourself into a stupor. The battle is won. You can hang up your flak jacket and helmet and put down your weapons. Relax and enjoy your new found security.

Stop! Yes, a major burden has been lifted from your shoulders. You did great. But the game isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination just because you landed a job. Maybe in the 1960s and 1970s you could have folded up and gotten comfortable and never thought about finding another job. Not in the frenetic 1990s. Read More at EmploymentCrossing

Don't Get Too Comfortable-The War Ain't Over by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes