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The Most Popular 20 Employer Articles for Gig in 2015

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Summary: Check out the top 20 employer articles on Gig in 2015 in this article.

It’s been a great year for employers in 2015, considering they have the upper hand in the hiring market, and also because business has been improving. Therefore, in reflecting on how to handle the new year, consider looking over the lessons 2015 has taught you.


We’ve pulled together our 20 most popular articles for employers. Some of them offer comic relief from the stress of hiring new employees. Others give simple and profound advice on how to make a hire, how to post an ad, and how to create a work environment where others will thrive and want to stay.

Look over the articles and find what speaks to you: you could have an even better 2016 if you take some of this advice.

  1. Is It Legal to Refuse to Hire Smokers?

With discrimination laws being what they are, it might be helpful to have a checklist for what we can and cannot ask during a job interview. This quick article answers at least one: are you allowed to ask if a candidate smokes, and what sort of smoking policy are you as an employer allowed to enforce?

  1. How to Tell If You Are a Terrible Boss

We all have our insecurities, but certain roles lack insight into their own capacity. Being a boss, for instance, means your subordinates might be wary of telling you if you are succeeding at your job. Nobody wants to be the boss that employees make fun of on Facebook. But rather than spying or listening to work gossip, these seven criterions can clear up any doubt regarding your capacity as an employer.

  1. Resume & Cover Letter Bloopers

Sometimes cover letters make you suspicious, confused, distrustful, or so impressed you’re almost scared. But when they are funny, that’s a relief. This list of bloopers culled from real resume letters will put a smile on your face and let you know you’re not the only one with less than qualified people severely fudging their first impression.

  1. Employee Horror Stories: Advice for Managers

We as humans don’t learn from rules as well as we do stories. These cautionary stories are sure to make you smile. While you are being entertained by them, you are certain to learn something about how to manage those unruly employees who fail to live up to your reasonable expectations as an employer. Frustration is inevitable. How you handle it defines you as a person. Enjoy this set of anecdotes and compare it to your own.

  1. 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Posting Jobs Online

These sorts of articles are perennial favorites for this reason: a job posting is the front door of your company. It is an opportunity to attract great employees who will benefit the team. More than that, is gives your future employee their first impression of you. By avoiding these five common mistakes, you can ensure that your first impression is stellar. If you want to attract the best, present the best.

  1. Note to Employers: Respect Your Job Applicants

Not only must potential employees make a solid first impression to their employer during an interview: it is just as important that the employer make a solid first impression on the employee. This is impossible without showing respect for the person seeking a job. Without that, who would want to work for you anyway? This article begins with a personal anecdote a lawyer had when trying to hook up with a bigshot lawyer. His impression of the interview gave him some wisdom on how interviews ought to be conducted.

  1. What Does It Actually Cost to Hire a New Employee?

We all know that hiring a new employee means paying to advertise the position and having human resources spend hours working over applicants. That is all vague and nebulous. This article gives the specifics in exactly how much it costs to hire an employee. By breaking down the process into its parts, you can see where the money is going. Having these metrics, you will realize also that hiring the correct employee is especially important.

  1. How to Spot Liars

As the last article indicated, it is costly to find a new employee. It is best to do it right the first time. And one certain way to get the right employee is to have a sense for character. When and why does a candidate lie during a job interview? This article will brief you on the telltale signs of lying in body language and also in conversation style. There are some dead giveaways that will help you spot the liar before you mistakenly hire him or her.

  1. Top Five Reasons Talented Employees Quit

Getting good help is supremely important. Once you’ve got a treasure, you want to hold on to it at all costs. Yet good talent is wanted everywhere, and an offer may be made on your prized employee. This article briefs the top five reasons talented employees quit. By inoculating yourself from these faults, you will be able to more easily hold on to the talent you need.

  1. Adjectives to Look for in Quality Candidates

Sifting through the wheat and the chaff in job interviews is a harrowing process. Some short cuts and rules of thumb will help. This article offers a few simple methods, with one in particular asking you to request that a job candidate describe his or her character. The article then tells you what five adjectives in particular to listen for.

  1. 7 Phrases That Say You Are an Unsure Leader

A little self-monitoring can clue you into your leading skills. This article identifies seven phrases that may mean you’re an unsure leader. If you find yourself saying them, it means that you lack confidence in your leading skills. Simply addressing the symptoms should tweak you enough to help you gain the confidence you need to inspire others to put their heart into their work.

  1. How the HR Department Changed in the Last 10 Years

Everything in the world has changed these last ten years, and so has the HR department. Things look completely different, merely in the setting, what’s on the desk, and what the HR worker is doing with their time. This article details what changes have taken place, how the HR department has moved into the new millennium and what those changes mean.

  1. Create a Workplace That Everyone Wants to Be a Part Of

Increasing salaries and lowering hours are not practical methods for increasing worker satisfaction, and, really, they won’t make that much of a difference anyway. Employees want to feel secure and empowered by their work place, as if it were their home. This article explains how you can make your work place a central location for your workers, a place they are happy to be and where they want to work – and this without having to spend much money.

  1. Employee Engagement Explained

Employee engagement is not about pleasing employees. It’s about inspiring enthusiasm for them to work for you, to identify with your team and to want to be part of what you are doing. This article breaks down the basics of how to establish employee engagement. With a list of the key factors in keeping employees, it offers a map to creating a strong work place.

  1. Fake FMLA Requests Can Be Overcome

Disputing FMLA requests is tricky. The law allows employees to have the right to take time off to recover from sickness or attend to sick family members. But with any right or privilege comes those willing to abuse it for their selfish interests. This article introduces how to see through the exploits and abuses of the FMLA process.

  1. Ted Talks to Give You Motivation to Be Better

These TED talks have been culled from the lot to give you exactly the energy boost you need as a businessman. They are not about business directly, but give motivational, upbeat speeches that can help you understand yourself and your situation better, and give you some direction in improving your world.

  1. The Importance of Teamwork

Employment is all about teamwork. And we all want to be great team players. That is how to succeed at work and how to help our business as a whole succeed. This article details what goes into finding team players for your office, and how to become more of a team player yourself. By detailing what goes into being a team player, you will better understand how to identify such a person and how to become one.

  1. Top 17 Places to Post Jobs for Free

As one of our top articles explained, it is quite expensive bringing in even one new talent to your team. One way to cut costs could be to post your help wanted ad at a free location. This article mentions 17 places you could post your listings – and you could place your ad on a few of them or all of them. The article also explains the features of each site to help you decide which one you want to work with.

  1. Offices Turning into Creative Work Spaces

Part of the new millennium is escaping the cubicle prison so many of us dread. Update your office space – make it exciting, let it inspire freedom and drive. This article details a variety of alternative styles you could try out for your office. Something as simple as structuring the furniture or adding a coffee bar could change the atmosphere, and hence the esprit de corps of your employees.

  1. 3 Words Not to Use in Your Emails

Not everybody is a writer or even enjoys writing. Yet every job requires a fair share of literacy, including, often enough, writing emails. This article makes things simple: here are three words to remove from your vocabulary when writing emails. Making such a small tweak can make a big difference in your email correspondence.

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