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Unique Pieces of Career Advice

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As a job seeker, every day you are likely inundated with countless pieces of career advice. However, how can you separate the good from the bad? We asked people from all across the country to share their unique career advice with us and we received all of these interesting and enlightening responses. We hope you get a lot out of this advice and can apply it to your job search. We enjoyed reading it and hope you find it insightful as we did.

How you quit a job is every bit as important as how you interview for one. If you don’t give enough notice, bad-mouth your employer in your final weeks, leave projects unfinished, or fail to thank your boss and say farewell nicely, you may risk getting a reference in the future. No matter how awful a job is, you should always depart like a gentleman or a lady. Read More at EmploymentCrossing

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Unique Pieces of Career Advice by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes