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Depression at Work Decreases Productivity

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Depression is a very critical disease, which can affect the mental and physical ability of any individual and productivity as well. While an employee is suffering from this type of issue, it can make negative effects in a professional atmosphere and in the minds of the coworkers and employers. Employers can’t maintain their business flow and profit due to this depression. It also affects the productivity of the company and reduces the growth within a short period. If the productivity of an active worker is decreasing due to this reason, then it’s a real worry for employers to lose such types of dedicated employees. These types of people can ignore work pressure like before and this mental issue can even affect the physical part of the sufferer and decrease health as well. If an employee has regular complaints about his pain and discomfort, then it the sign of depression! Read More at Hound

Depression at Work Decreases Productivity by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes