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Is it Okay to Love Your Job?

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There is a sense that a job is just a job, and that we should separate business from pleasure and all that, but we know it’s just not true. The best job becomes a second family. Aside from the inevitable gossip about who isn’t holding their own, or who’s flirting with who, and all that “all-too-human” business about getting along as people, there comes to be a time when we’ve been working at the job and we truly care about why our boss is home sick, not just because we need his guidance, but because we care about him personally.

When we arrive at this point, when there is what could be called “professional love” between you and your coworkers, that’s when the team becomes deep knit, and far from being unprofessional, your business will start to thrive.

For the business world at its best looks a lot like a family.

Consider this: what is the richest entity in the world? A nation? A business? It is the Catholic Church. And the second richest? The Mormon Church. Who said money and love can’t mingle? When you are working together as a team because you professionally care for each other, and truly believe in what the business stands for, in its goals and purposes, than you will love your job and want to give more to the business.

Not that this comes at the expense of your real family. Just the opposite happens. Since you work for a business you believe in, and since you are energized and empowered when you work for them, you won’t find your job draining your energy, but you will be strengthened to come home with good cheer and love your family all the more.

Loving your job is ideal and won’t cost you the love of your family. True love is additive, it doesn’t need to sacrifice family or friends, but gives us more hope and happiness to love them more as well.

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Is it Okay to Love Your Job? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes