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25-Plus Items That Should be Removed from Your Resume Immediately

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Summary: This article consists of 25-plus items that might be on your resume that should be removed before it is submitted for another job opening.

As you sit down to write a resume, or edit your current one, you need to make sure that the 35 items mentioned in this post are not on it. If you find any of these items on your resume, remove them immediately. Do not submit your resume for a job opening until it has been edited properly. These items can cause your resume to be sent to the bottom of the pile of candidates or even thrown right in the trash by companies.


In this first section we will discuss what formatting items need to be removed from your resume right now. They include the following:

  • A format focused on your skills
  • A career objective
  • Massive blocks of text
  • Photos or other charts
  • More than one page
  • Single words on a line by themselves
  • Multiple fonts
  • The phrase “References available upon request”

Personal Information

We provide you with the items that should be removed from a resume that include personal information:

  • A work email address
  • Personal address
  • A ‘creative’ email address
  • Marital status, birth date or religion
  • Your creative hobbies

Education and Work Experience

These are two very important sections on your resume that need to be pristine, which is why the following need to be removed:

  • Simply regurgitating your job description
  • Using too many bullet points
  • Jobs that do not match your current career goals
  • Mentioning an internship was unpaid
  • Your experience as a parent
  • GPA
  • The year you graduated from college or graduate school
  • Items from your high school years
  • Common skills everyone else has


Make it a point to remove these words or types of words from your resume:

  • Very big words
  • Industry jargon
  • Words that have a negative connotation
  • Vague words

Remove all of the following words from your resume now Best of breed, Go-getter, Think Outside of the Box, Synergy, Go-to Person, Thought Leadership, Value Add, Results Driven, Team Player, Bottom Line, Hard Worker, Strategic Thinker, Dynamic, Self Motivated, Detail-oriented, Proactively and Track Record.

25-Plus Items That Should be Removed from Your Resume Immediately by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo