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CampusNexus TM Finance HR & Payroll Created by Campus Management Corp and Microsoft

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Summary: Microsoft and Campus Management Corp. announced a new partnership that has created CampusNexus TM Finance, HR & Payroll. 

CampusNexus TM Finance, HR & Payroll has been formed by a partnership between Campus Management Corp. and Microsoft, according to a press release found at BroadwayWorld.

The new program will be powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

“Institutions are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of delivery models, competition, funding and an increased focus on outcomes,” said Jim Milton, Chief Executive Officer of Campus Management. “Finding a way to effectively address these issues is impeded by rigid, legacy systems designed for a bygone era. CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll provides a flexible and agile solution leveraging leading Microsoft technology. The time is right for this offering, as institutions chart their long-term course to address current barriers to success.”

The new program will provide financial management and human resources functionality from Microsoft Dynamics AX. The program will be able to do the following:

  • Govern an institution with department workflows, document tracking and approvals
  • Manage accounts of students, faculty workload, federal work study payroll, scholarships and grants, budgeting, faculty credential details and position control
  • Streamline processes from department to department, improve efficiency of operations and reach cost savings goals

“ERP solutions for finance and HR need to be created with an agile DNA so they are adaptable to the evolving needs and pressures of higher education. Inclusion of the Faculty Management module is one example where Campus Management has leveraged our experience working with higher education institutions around the world to solve a wide-range of challenges. Our goal is to help colleges and universities better control the processes critical to sound fiscal management,” said Connor Gray, Chief Strategy Officer at Campus Management.

Gray also said, “Our strategic relationship with Microsoft allows us to provide the higher education market with a comprehensive and flexible solution built upon the trusted Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. Analysts and organizations recognize Microsoft as the preferred vendor for investments in ERP development, and institutions understand the value of solutions built on the Microsoft stack.”

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CampusNexus TM Finance HR & Payroll Created by Campus Management Corp and Microsoft by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes