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4 Steps for Making Targeted Mailing Work for Job Search

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4 Steps for Making Targeted Mailing Work for Job Search

SummaryDone right, targeted mailings can be an effective way to mine for openings. To increase your chance of success, follow these four steps.

Personalize your letter to distinguish your correspondence from the masses. Before you send the letter, try to learn more about each recipient. Better yet, locate someone who actually knows the employer and will let you use his or her name in introduction. Then, open your letter with a reference to that person, or by mentioning the recipient’s practice area, affiliation or latest high-profile case.

Follow up every letter with a telephone call a few days later. Don’t expect your contacts to telephone you; this happens rarely. And don’t mail so many letters at once that, even if you are diligent, it will take you weeks to reach everyone on the list. Networking expert Cynthia Chin-Lee, author of It’s Who You Know, says that you don’t want to wait so long that the person could have read your letter and forgotten about it. Equally important, don’t wait so long that you’ve lost interest, or convinced yourself that if the recipients were interested they would have called you by now.

Make an effort to meet the friendly voices you hear through your phoning, even if the contacts make it clear they are not hiring. Turn those strangers into colleagues – and potential referral sources – by inviting them to coffee or lunch.

Most importantly, persist. If you proceed with the notion that your mail campaign will take at least as much time and effort-and require as much strategic planning-as pursuing a difficult lawsuit, you’ll soon be employed.

By: Harrison Barnes, CEO of Granted

4 Steps for Making Targeted Mailing Work for Job Search by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes