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Your Job Candidates Will Not Tell You These Thoughts

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Summary: As you sit down with thousands of job candidates over the years as a hiring manager, you should keep in mind that they will not tell you the thoughts in this post.

Interviewing job candidates is a tricky situation for even the most experienced hiring managers. The reason for this is that the hiring manager is responsible for finding the next gem for their company. Someone who is willing to put in the time and effort required to become a leader within the organization. Despite all of this, job candidates are thinking things that they would never tell the hiring manager. We will discuss those in this post.

The Vacation Policy is Not Overwhelming

There are still a ton of companies out there offering just two weeks of paid vacation time per year for employees. Many experienced workers will find this insulting when they interview for a job. When you hire a new employee they will be asked to work long hours, meet deadlines, submit high-quality work and deliver on lofty goals. When you look at all of this, two weeks of vacation sure does not seem like enough of a thank-you does it?

I Really Do Not Want a Promotion

Hiring managers are always looking to hire candidates who want to be on the fast track to corporate leadership. More often than not, Type-A candidates are becoming less interested in promotions. They have already dealt with the troubles of balancing their work life and their personal life or have worked close to those in higher positions and do not want to deal with the politics of the job.

Behavior of Interviewer Shows Culture of Company

One of the best ways for a job candidate to gauge the culture of the company is through the actions and behaviors of the interviewer. When interviewers have confrontational styles, this can hint that the culture at the office might not be a positive one. Candidates will also watch how interviewers and colleagues interact as they meet people during the interview process and during tours of the facility.

Interview Process Shows Commitment to Diversity at Your Company

Simply by attending a job interview, a candidate will be able to assess the diversity at your company. They do this by walking through the office during tours and looking at the people who are working in the building. You need to show the diversity at your office immediately so a candidate does not get turned off by the lack of it in your office.

Your Job Candidates Will Not Tell You These Thoughts by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo