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How to SEO Your Resume

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Summary: Have you ever wanted to know how you can SEO your resume? If so, you have come to the right place. We have the best methods for this process in this post.

Writing a resume can be a difficult task to complete, but it should not cause you a lot of stress. One of the most common complaints people have today is not knowing how to SEO their resume. SEO is short for search engine optimization, but it is not the same as optimizing a website. The process is a little bit different and you need to make sure you can differentiate between the two if you want to have your resume found by companies.

Perform Research 

The first thing you need to do is research the keywords that employers are using in their job postings. This will help you better write a resume that is optimized for search engines. Before you write the resume, you need to research terms used in job posting titles. These terms would describe the type of job you work at right now, but that you want to find a new one at a different company.

You should use the job title that comes up most often as your main keyword in the resume you are going to write. You will then need to research the skills you currently hold. Find out which words are used most often by employers in their job postings and then use those words in your resume, if you have those skills.

Now you need to research the location of where you want to work. Use the full state name, the postal code abbreviation and the shortened version of the name. Whichever ones come up the most, make sure you use them in your resume. They will help your resume get noticed by employers in search engines.

Highlight Skills as Keywords

When you write the resume, you should highlight your skills as keywords. Your skills need to be highlighted in your executive summary, your job description and throughout the rest of your resume in an effort to get it noticed by employers.

You need to make sure that you do not stuff your resume with keywords though. This is called spamming and search engines will notice it and push your resume to the bottom of the pile. You need to strategically place keywords in your resume so it gets noticed by search engines and is not viewed as spam.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo