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How Personality Type Influences Your Career

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Summary: Personality type influences your career and we will explain exactly how that is possible in this post today.

Have you ever taken a personality test? If not, it is one of the most interesting tests you can take in life. You cannot fail a personality test, so there is nothing to worry about there. A personality test can tell you a lot of things, including some interesting things about your career.

Personality Types

The most common personality types, according to Myers-Briggs, are the following:

Idealist: someone who is charitable and desires originality.

Guardian: someone who wants rules to follow.

Artisan: someone who is a free spirit.

Rationalist: someone who solves problems and generates ideas.

The Idealist

The idealist comes in four personality categories: the teacher, the champion, the counselor and the healer.

The teacher honors commitments and is a strong communicator, but harbors hurt feelings and has a tendency to manipulate.

The champion is a good communicator and reads others well, but has trouble with conflict and is easily bored.

The counselor is insightful and a good communicator, but is easily bored and has trouble with conflict.

The healer is loyal, loving and caring, but reacts emotionally and has an extreme dislike of criticism.

The Guardian

The guardian comes in four personality categories: the provider, the supervisor, the protector and the inspector.

The provider honors commitments, is good with money management and focuses on other people’s needs, but dislikes change, takes blame for others and has trouble with conflict.

The supervisor is loyal and committed, is social and enthusiastic and is a born leader, but can be blunt and insensitive.

The protector is a good listener and eager to serve, but will neglect his own needs and dislikes change.

The inspector is orderly and organized, but is too rigid and needs to be right.

The Artisan

The artisan comes in four personality categories: the performer, the promoter, the composer and the crafter.

The performer is good when working with others and uses common sense, but struggles with long-term commitments and takes things personally.

The promoter is flexible and tolerant, but is easily bored and unknowingly insensitive.

The composer is loyal and committed, a good listener and adaptable, but will shy away from conflict and is hard to get to know.

The crafter is self-reliant and handles conflict well, but is emotionally uncomfortable and does not plan well for the long-term.

The Rationalist

The rationalist comes in four personality categories: the field marshall, the inventor, the mastermind and the architect.

The field marshall is excellent with money, takes criticism well and sets goals, but is controlling and intimidating.

The inventor is laid back and generates ideas, but is easily bored, argumentative and has poor follow-up skills.

The mastermind is highly intelligent and honors commitment, but is unwilling to take blame and arrogant.

The architect is laid back and not demanding, but is explosive and distrusting of others.


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Authored by: Jim Vassallo