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How to Know You Should Make a Career Change

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It can be hard to make a career change, but there comes a point when the job you have, is no longer what you should be doing. Whether you are deciding on a completely different type of career, or simply choosing another company, the following tips can help you figure out if now is a good time for a career change.

You Don’t Have Professional Growth

No longer finding that you have growth as a professional in your career or at your company is a major red flag. Some signs of this are being bored or unfulfilled in your career. While many employees are fine with remedial tasks that they perform over and over again satisfies them based on the simplicity of it, this might not be the case for you. If you want to be challenged more than you are, it is a sign that there isn’t enough growth in your career and it is time for a change.

Poor Workplace Culture

Every workplace has a unique culture and if you don’t feel comfortable in it or you can’t trust the way it is handled, it’s time to look elsewhere for the next steps in your career path. One way you might not trust your workplace culture is if it is run by executives that do not make themselves known. If all they do is lead a company but don’t really have a hand in it or become present for their employees, it is easily corruptible. It is hard to trust your job or the company itself when execs and managers are practically transparent. You really want human participation and leadership in your career.

Lack of Rewards

Rewarding you for your efforts, whether it is due to having perfect attendance, completing a difficult project, or for showing you are great at teamwork, is a great way supervisors show they respect and appreciation. If you find that you aren’t getting rewards in the form of promotions, bonuses, mentoring, sponsorship, benefits, or professional development, you should be moving on.

Your Talent Isn’t Valued

Not only should you be rewarded and appreciated for your daily work, but for your unique talents as well. You likely chose your current position due to talents you believe would help with the company’s future prospects. If you find that your boss isn’t trusting what you can accomplish or you feel disvalued, it is not the company for you. You may be on the right career path, but working for the wrong people.

These are just a few of the signs you should pay attention to when you’re deciding if how is the right time for a career change. Generally, feeling like you aren’t valued or appreciated is a good reason to make a switch.

How to Know You Should Make a Career Change by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes