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Finding an Internship When Studying Abroad

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Summary: Being in a different country than the company you wish to interview with and a lack of reliable internet may make it difficult, but there are still ways to be prepared for landing an internship anywhere.

There are countless internship opportunities around the globe. Don’t limit yourself to the city you live in to find that amazing experience. Already being abroad for school or another internship can create some obstacles, but there are always ways to get around those obstacles.

Make sure you have reliable internet. Being available to Skype for an interview is important since you can’t realistically attend an in-person interview and the interviewing company will want to speak with you and see you in person. If you are already studying abroad, check with a professor to see if you can use their office for a quiet place to do your interview. They should have good internet and you can shut the door to block out any interruptions.

While it is expected that you will want to be spending your weekends exploring the new country, make sure you are still able to be reached by phone or email. If a company calls you to schedule an interview but you don’t get the message until days later, then you may miss the opportunity with that company entirely. You may also need to make yourself available at any time when a company has their office hours, even if that means a 3 am wake-up call for you.

When an interviewer calls to schedule an interview, make sure they have all the paperwork necessary to assess you as a candidate. Provide them ahead of time with any extra copies of your resume, references, and examples of work that you would have brought to an in-person interview.

Some employers may be wary about hiring a student that they haven’t met in person, so you need to be able and willing to prove to them that you are worth it. Being attentive and prepared will ease any worries that they have so that you can secure any internship opportunity.


Finding an Internship When Studying Abroad by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin