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Top 5 Signs Your Old Job is Affecting Your New One

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Summary: Have you recently switched jobs? If so, your old job could be affecting your new one. We will discuss five signs that this could be happening in this post. 

At some point in your career you will work a really bad job or have a really bad boss. You can pick up bad habits from a bad job or boss and take them with you to a new job. You need to make sure this does not happen when switching jobs, which is why you need to be on the lookout for the five signs discussed in this post. If any of them are present in your new job, you need to make changes immediately in order to succeed.

Fail to Provide Your Best Work

When you worked your tail off at a previous job and that effort was never appreciated, then this can become a bad habit at your new job. There are plenty of companies out there that tolerate sloppy or late work, which is why your hard work was never rewarded or recognized. This habit can follow you to a new job, which will hurt your standing with the new employer and might even cost you the job.

Become Defensive When Feedback is Provided

One of the most important aspects of the business world is providing feedback to employees so they can learn how to fix mistakes and improve their work. The more employees improve, the more successful the company becomes. Your old job could be affecting your new one if you become defensive when you are offered feedback by a manager or co-worker. The reason for this could be that your former company used feedback to berate you or punish you for something they did not like. This is an attitude that is unwelcome in most business settings.

You Believe All Managers are the Same

When you have the attitude that all managers are the same, no matter what, then your new job is being affected by your old job. Lumping all managers together is never a good idea because you will think negatively about your manager at a new job before you even get used to working for him or her. You need to think as realistically as possible when working a new job and stay open-minded at all times.

Always Expect the Work From Those Around You

If you constantly expect the worst from co-workers or management, then your old job could be negatively affecting your new job. It is possible to work for or work with people who will act maliciously at the office, but this is not the norm. Simply because your former employer would put you at a disadvantage during salary negotiations, it does not mean that all of your employers will do this to you.

Bring Bad Habits with You

If your former employer did not care how you dressed, how you handled yourself in the officer, or what time you walked into work each morning, it is quite possible that these bad habits can carryover to your new job. You must never let this happen because it will put an end to your new job before you can even get settled. Do your best to break all bad habits from your former job when hired by a new company in order to be successful.

If you see any of these five signs in your daily work life, then your old job is affecting your new one in a negative way. Make important changes now to prevent the search for another new job.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo