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Six High-Paying Careers You Can Transition to

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Social Media Manager

Summary: Transitioning from one industry to another is becoming a common thing since many skills are transferable or easy to obtain.

Changing careers is becoming an easier thing to do now when compared with twenty years ago and it is more common. Some new careers may require first gaining an education or certificate but there are plenty that are high paying and allow you to start immediately. All you need to do is make sure you have some business skills and hard work.

Here is a list of six careers that may be a good switch for you:

Data Scientist

As a relatively new career option, data science can include many different functions. The average salary is $118, 000 with a minimum of $76,000. The job may involve data engineering, data visualization, data research, and more. With so many different roles, there is a good chance that your background can relate to the job in some way, making a transition doable. If you are unsure that you have enough experience to get the job, find a class or workshop to learn skills.

Social Media Manager

Social media platforms are playing a bigger part in a company’s success. Developing a strong brand following allows a company to reach their audience more effectively and efficiently. For those that have a good understanding of social media and strong communication skills, consider this career even though you may not start off with the big bucks yet.


If you find that you are good at organizing and running events like a fundraiser, then organizations like nonprofits, hospitals, educational institutions, and others will be willing to pay you to raise money for them. You can expect to earn $65,000 to $75,000 for an average salary with the top tier making $500,000 and more. Having the same passion as the company will help you be more productive in raising the most money possible.

Software Engineer

Good engineers are in demand just about everywhere for just about every kind of job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this career is expected to have one of the largest job growths this year. A degree in computer science may help but many in this field do not have one. You can attend classes online or in person to earn a certificate or just skills.

Market Research Analyst

Any experience in analyzing data, writing data reports, or collecting data will prepare you for a job this career. Studying consumer motivation can earn you around $85,000. Also having skills in client relations, sales, or reading comprehension will help you make the transition.

Financial Planner

Life experience can play a big part in transitioning to this career beyond just a business or economics degree. Being able to manage money is a skill anyone can have and that a lot of people need help with. People and sales skills are also important to have. Specialized training is required if you want to be able to sell stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and insurance but the training should not take long.


Six High-Paying Careers You Can Transition to by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin