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Should I Start a Career in the Computing Field?

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Starting Over in the Computing Field

Dear Genie,

Do you have any statistics as to the job availability for someone my age starting anew in the field of computing?

Starting Over

Dear Begin Again,

Statistics are just numbers. You seem to be a very thoughtful, focused and goal-directed individual. Job search statistics are impacted by “what you want to do, and where you want to do it.” I can best assess success potential (no matter the age of the job seeker) by virtue of how clearly one can state goals (geographic and functional). “If you can describe a job, you can get that job” and “If you have met someone who has a job you would like, you can get a similar job” are phrases which translate into success. Can you respond to each statement, and how would you respond?

I am confident that you can succeed if you can possess and project focus, identify potential employers, and project skills and qualifications via resume, cover letter, and interview. “Non-traditional” aged candidates must be more articulate and persuasive then their younger “peers.”

What job titles and functions are of interest? What are your areas of interest? Where geographically will you be looking? Have you begun your search? Have you networked with alumni of your school?

Use these questions as a starting point. I hope they help.

Should I Start a Career in the Computing Field? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes