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Don’t Forget to Send a Thank You Letter

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Don't Forget to Write a Thank You Letter after Each Job Interview

You’ve just made it through the job interview and you might think your work is done. Not yet, you still have one more important task to accomplish to help you get the job: write a thank you letter. The thank you letter helps keep your name fresh in the interviewer’s mind; it’s another opportunity to draw attention to why you are the candidate for the job. Listed below are several guidelines for writing an effective thank you letter.

Write a separate letter to each person who was in the interview. For example, if you interviewed with the human resources person first and then the department manager, write a letter addressed to each of them. Also, don’t write the same letter and simply change the name. You’ll want to vary the content in each of them depending upon what you discussed with each of them. You may have discussed different skill strengths with each person so you’ll want to recap those discussions.

Thank the interviewer for his or her time. Also, let the interviewer know that you were impressed with the company, whether it was the product, people, facility, etc. However, don’t overdo it.

Briefly summarize again why you are a good match for the job. Here’s your chance to again highlight your skills and experience. Also, this is a good opportunity to expand upon any points that were skipped over in the interview that you may feel are relevant to the job. However, remember to keep this brief.

Type the letter and mail it within twenty-four hours of the interview. A typed letter looks more professional than a hand-written one. Also, by mailing the letter the next day, your name will stay fresh in the interviewer’s mind, especially if they are still interviewing other candidates.

In short, a good thank you letter, in addition to simply being good etiquette, provides an additional forum for you to showcase your skills and professionalism. Many times, a well-written thank you letter sets you apart from those candidates who don’t take the time to send one and can help you land the job.

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