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Top 7 Signs That You Didn’t Secure the Job

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Summary: We are going to show you the most common signs that you did not secure the job in this post so you can prepare for the next one.

You have taken spent countless hours editing your resume, crafting the perfect cover letter and submitting applications. Now, you get to meet with a hiring manager for a coveted job interview. But, when you left the interview, you felt less than thrilled about how it went despite all of your preparation. Should you not feel comfortable following the interview, it could be due to one of the common signs discussed in this post.

Interview is Shortened

When you scheduled the interview over the phone, you might have been told that it would last no less than one hour. If your interview was only 15 or 30 minutes, then this is a very bad sign that things did not go well. Unless there was an emergency in the office, such as the fire alarm going off, if your interview is cut short then you likely did not make a good impression.

Failure to Research the Company

Maybe you showed up at the interview with little to no research on the company at your disposal. It is always best to research the company prior to interviewing because it helps your chances at securing the job.

Met Fewer People

When you spoke on the phone to the hiring manager, you might have been told that you would meet anywhere from two to five people. If you only met one person during the interview, this is a bad sign. It means that you did not impress the interviewer enough to introduce you to their superior or co-workers.

Asked Inappropriate Questions

When we say inappropriate questions, we mean asking about vacation time, paid days off, internet policy and much more. You should never ask about vacation time during the interview process. Wait until the negotiation portion of the process begins.

You Asked Zero Questions

In a section that piggybacks the prior one, failing to ask any questions during the interview is a telltale sign that things did not go well. You must absolutely ask questions during a job interview. They can be about the culture of the office, what type of candidates succeed in the position and what it takes to succeed at the company.

Interviewer Seems to be Disinterested

As you look back on the interview and you keep thinking back to the body language or attitude of the interviewer, then something is wrong. If it seemed like the interviewer was disinterested, then you likely will not secure an offer of employment.

Next Step is Vague

When you are told multiple times that the company still has to interview more candidates, you might not receive a call about another interview or an offer of employment. The same can be said if the interviewer cannot nail down a specific time frame for when you will hear back from the company.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo