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Job Relocation Q & A: What is a “Standard” Relocation Package?

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What is considered a standard amount for job relocation expenses?

Question: My job hunt is leading me to opportunities that will require me to relocate. Since I’ve never had to relocate for a job before, I’m trying to determine what a “standard” relocation package should be for a mid-level executive in the $90,000 salary range. I’m planning to move to Atlanta.

— Brian, Tampa, Fla.

Brian: Your first step is to compare the cost of living between the two cities.  At your salary range, a standard relocation package would include at least one trip to Atlanta with your spouse to check out the housing market; temporary housing there until you close on a new home; and the moving of your household goods. Extras could include a lump-sum payment to cover a loss on the sale of your Tampa home, a tax-differential payment and professional job-search guidance for your spouse. Remember, the best time to negotiate for these extras is after you’ve been asked to relocate but before you’ve accepted the offer.

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