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Ask the Genie: Economics Graduate Learns Where She Can Find Work

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An economic graduate learns where she can find work.

Dear Genie,

I am currently in my fourth year of a five-year program that will award me with two BAs when I finish: one in economics and one in African-American studies. I want to go into the field of business, but it is too late to enter business school, so I picked up economics.

I’m going to be really blunt: I need a job that pays a good salary (I’ll have about $40,000 in loans to pay back) and is fairly enjoyable. I see plenty of things for business majors, but am having trouble finding out what’s out there for econ majors who want to enter business. Please help. I have a 3.49 cumulative GPA and by the time I graduate, I hope to have completed two or three internships. Because I am not sure of my career path, I don’t even know what internships will lead to the jobs/areas with the money. Any info you can give will be appreciated.



Hi Crystal,

You might investigate careers in financial services, such as entry-level jobs in asset management or investment banking. Many businesses hire economics undergrads to work in their finance departments. Finally, the quantitative experience you have studying economics can lead to a successful career as a management consultant. Finding a place where you like to work will likely depend on figuring out what size company and what industry you like—do you prefer a more formal work environment (banking) or a more casual one (Internet-related)? Do you prefer a bigger company (more structure) or a smaller one (less hierarchy)?

While starting salaries for all of these careers vary depending on the company, its location, and the position, most start at a good salary.

Good luck!


Ask the Genie: Economics Graduate Learns Where She Can Find Work by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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