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Ask the Genie: How to Turn Down a Job Offer with Class

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Here's how you can turn down a job offer with class.

Dear Genie,

I have recently received a few job offers and have made a decision, after many careful considerations. What is the most appropriate way of turning down the other offers? E-mail, phone, snail mail?

If possible, I would like to leave it such that if I leave my new job in the future, I would be welcome to reapply to a company that I have received an offer from previously.



Dear AB,

Your desire not to burn any bridges is a smart one. Indeed, it sounds as if you’ve made good contacts that could be useful to know if you plan a career switch down the road.

When turning down offers, then, do it professionally and thoughtfully. You want to continue the personal connection; the telephone is the most effective way to do this. Think about relationships you’ve been in: Would you settle for a letter telling you it’s over?

When you talk to your contact, explain what factored into your decision; flatter the company and process whenever possible; and let him or her know how carefully you considered the company. That’ll make your contact feel good—and allow you to keep the door open to future opportunities.

Good luck!


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