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How to Be the Best Intern

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Summary: Internships are an important opportunity to learn from those in your field and show how valuable of a worker you are for future jobs.

Summer is right around the corner. If you don’t have an internship lined up, then now is the time to work extra hard to find one. If you do have your summer internship set-up, then take these tips to make sure that you get the best experience out of it and an awesome recommendation at the end.

  • Take the internship seriously
  • Always be on time, no matter the time you are required to be there in the morning and don’t complain about it
  • Listen carefully and take notes when given assignments
  • Go above and beyond what is expected on every assignment
  • There is always something you can do to help so make sure your boss knows you are available instead of waiting until someone asks you
  • Always show up unless you are actually so sick you can’t get out of bed
  • Don’t be a know-it-all because you don’t know everything
  • Use your cellphone for your job only, stay off Facebook and other social media sites unless it is part of your internship to maintain the company’s social media accounts
  • Don’t unnecessarily distract others from doing their job
  • Eat healthy snacks that keep you going
  • Be proactive and find things to do in-between assignments
  • Always be looking for opportunities to contribute and show what you do know
  • Ask questions
  • Think about what you are doing while doing it
  • Be eager to learn so that others will be more willing to teach you
  • Understand that the success of the internship relies on you


How to Be the Best Intern by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin