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How to Build a Standout Google+ Profile

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Google plus

Summary: The smart way to build your business and professional brand requires taking advantage of every free social platform, including Google+.

Google+ has been around for a while but many are just now starting to flock to the site to setup profiles. Having as many free profiles that you can will help you network with more people easily. Remember that just like your LinkedIn profile, keep your Google+ profile updated and relevant.

Start off with your name. Google does not allow you to use your business or other name. Unlike your personal Facebook account where you may change up your name for privacy reasons, you want people to be able to find your Google+ profile.

Create a custom URL with your profile name. This will make it even easier for people to find your profile instead of having all those random numbers lead to your profile.

You can decide if you want your profile picture to be a professional photo of yourself or a more creative personal brand photo. Make your profile photo the recommended size of 1080×608 pixels so that it looks crisp and clear.

The tagline should be simple and short yet catchy. It is like your resume summary statement. Include some keywords that are your target such as the industry you work in or your passion. The difference between the tagline and the introduction is the length.

The introduction is where you explain more about yourself, your goals and dreams, how you can help others, etc. You can use bulleted lists to make your points stand out more than in a paragraph. Keep using relevant keywords when they are applicable. Include links to several places on your personal website. Do this by covering what your website is about, listing the main topics your cover on it, a subscription link, and other blogs that you follow.

Use the bragging rights section as a place to highlight your achievements without sounding too arrogant or title hungry. Focus on things that you have accomplished that might be outside the norm.

Don’t leave the education, work history, and other personal details sections blank. Filling these in is another way to network and connect with others that share similar interests.


How to Build a Standout Google+ Profile by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin