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Entering College Undecided May Be the Better Route

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picking a major

Summary: Upon starting college, you do not have to have a major planned out. Explore the many options that you are likely unaware of.

Starting college without a declared major is not a bad thing. Nearly 80 percent of college freshman are undecided when they enter college and a good number will change their major at least once before graduating from college. When considering the fact that only a third of those that graduate stick with the same major, waiting to decide is not a bad route to take.

Consider that there are over 1500 different programs that one can study. That is a lot of options to determine what interests you and what will make for a good future. Take time that first year to explore what your intended career requires to be sure you are committed. If you are still unable to decide on just one field of study, look for something that will give you transferable skills like being able to problem solve, work in teams, write and communicate, and think critically.

Don’t choose a major that is only good because it will result in a job. Choose one that you can live with doing every day for the rest of your career. Imagine what a future could be like in one of these new majors: Casino Management, Digital Arts, Sports Communications, Culinary Science, Clinical Nurse Leadership, Computational Biology, Cyberforensics, Agroecology, Homeland Security, International Policy Analysis, and many more.

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Entering College Undecided May Be the Better Route by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin