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Jobs That Allow You to Work Remotely

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Summary: Being able to work remotely is no longer impossible with more and more companies letting their employees work from home or on site.

Commuting hours each day just to go to work is exhausting even if you aren’t the one driving. Luckily with the continuing advancement of technology, more and more jobs are becoming available that allow us to work from the comforts of our home or other locations. Evaluate these 14 jobs to see if any are the right fit for you.

Web Research Evaluator – The Internet is becoming the best source of business for consumers and companies. Web companies pay experts to review and analyze their page.

Freelance – There are numerous options for employment in the freelance field. Writers are in demand, specifically web content writers. They are responsible for things like ghostwriting and drafting product descriptions and guides. There is generally an in-house editor that oversees the workforce of independent writers.

Online Teacher – Online learning is picking up all across the globe. The classes taught can be in just about everything. Expect the workload to be about the same with everything being done through video conferences, phone, email, and web presentations.

Tax Accountant – There are two peak months, April and October, for the tax world. The demand for tax accountants will pick up during those times, increasing the chances that you can get employed for work through a company or working out of your home on your own.

Customer Service Agent – These customer support and account management positions provide a range of duties from brand liaisons to problem-solvers. They help customers with refunds, exchanges, troubleshooting, and facilitating orders.

Computer Programmer – This job is expected to continue growing as technology demands grow. Generally a bachelor’s degree in computer science is desired to gain employment or at least a strong knowledge of computer program languages.

Technical Support Assistant – With as many computer wizards as there are, the number of people that do not understand technology is just as many. With everyone owning at least one computer or piece of technology, being able to deliver support and support over the phone is valuable for consumers.

Art Director – Marketing is an important need that companies cannot always fill on their own. Companies need design experts that can produce content for multiple platforms in graphics or styling. Art directors will be assembling lookbooks, creating catalogs and e-commerce design, and making the brand appeal to a variety of consumers.

Social Media Manager – Companies are trying to balance multiple social media accounts. Managers are able to do this with an intuitive understanding of the voice and aesthetic look and feel of the brand.

Digital Marketer – This job develops, tracks, and implements digital marketing campaigns by identifying trends, insights, and measuring report performance. You must be able to brainstorm new areas for growth and evaluate emerging technologies.

Sales Representative – Retailers, software, and hardware companies want representatives that can sell specific products and services to consumers online or on the phone. They must be well versed on the warranty and features of each product to be able to properly sell it and process each order.

Translator – As companies expand across borders, they need to tackle language barriers in everything from conferences and meetings to written information.

Travel Agent – While the need for this job has greatly decreased with the rise of personal booking sites, companies and individuals still look to travel planners to handle transportation, travel dates, and accommodations for trips.

Event Planner – Individuals and companies also need people to handle special events like corporate retreats, bridal showers, etc. The job requires traveling to venues as well as finding caterers, musicians, bartenders, and any other necessary details for each event.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin