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Companies to Watch in 2016

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companies to watch 2016

Summary: View this list of 50 companies to keep an eye on next year as they either crash or soar.

The companies to watch are not necessarily because they are thriving. Some of the companies are going through intense struggles that will either break the company or leave them stronger. Other companies are on the list because they are the best in their industry.

  • ABB – This company is facing either big success or failure as they recently reorganized and placed their power grids business under review.
  • Aetna – They will be acquiring Humana sometime in 2016, making them the largest Medicare provider.
  • Apple – They need another product besides the iPhone to keep them going.
  • Banker’s Petroleum – Another oil company carefully watching oil prices.
  • Biogen – They are needing another drug that will be a hit like their last one was.
  • Biostime – Baby food maker in China thrives on the city lifestyles.
  • Boston Scientific – They are launching a number of products to boost their sales next year.
  • Canadian Oil Sands – Oil prices are at a low so investors are becoming nervous.
  • Cisco – Big Data companies like Facebook and Amazon are opting for generic routers instead of ones like Cisco’s.
  • ConAgra – They are refocusing on their own brands instead of private label brands.
  • CVS Health – The pharmaceutical market continues to rise, helping CVS.
  • DBS – They need U.S. interest rates to rise.
  • Deutsche Bank – Legal fees are crippling this bank.
  • Disney – Consumers are opting for streaming services like Netflix, hurting one of the biggest cable programmers, Disney.
  • Dreamworks SKG – Kung Fu Panda 3 will be released soon, boosting their profits.
  • Enel – An Electric and gas company is boosting investments in Africa and the Americas to offset the demand in Europe.
  • Energy Transfer Equity – They recently acquired Williams Cos. which operates the biggest pipeline out of the Marcellus Shale.
  • Essex Property Trust – The younger generation is recovering from the economy crash so apartment rates are rising again.
  • Facebook – They just continue to grow and prosper now with mobile ads.
  • Fannie & Freddie – The two companies are caught between shareholders and the government, not a good place.
  • GAP – While Old Navy is holding on, Gap and Banana Republic may not make it.
  • Goldman Sachs – They face stiff competition as they move toward exchange-traded funds.
  • Hewlett-Packard – They are being greatly hurt by Cloud capabilities.
  • Honda – Their supply is outpacing demand in China.
  • Illumina – They are ruling the human genome sequencing capabilities.
  • Intime Retail – Alibaba acquired stake in their company, boosting their prospects.
  • ITV – U.K. advertising has seen a boost through popular shows Downton Abbey and others.
  • J.C. Penney – Their revenue is recovering, but not quickly.
  • Kellogg – Eating habits are changing so they are suffering loses.
  • Lotte Chemical – They are adding capacities in the petroleum-derived chemicals.
  • Macy’s – They are seeing pressure to monetize their properties.
  • Maxwell Technologies – They are a leader in the market for ultracapacitors.
  • Melco Crown – This Macau casino is growing to attract more customers.
  • Microsoft – They are hoping to finally embark in the mobile market with their Windows 10 software.
  • Mitsubishi UFJ – Japanese yen is weak, but demand for the products is not.
  • Modern Times Group – They are adapting to competition from Netflix and other similar services.
  • Monster – A merger with Coca-Cola has boosted their growth and potential.
  • Pfizer – Patents are expiring for Pfizer, exposing their sales to generic competition.
  • Ping An – China’s second-largest insurer is seeing growth as China tries out tax-subsidized health insurance plans.
  • Qualcomm – This company is not only the leader in smartphone chips, they are now dabbling in the car industry.
  • Reynolds American – E-cigarettes are facing regulations that could hinder their sales.
  • Royal Dutch Shell – Shell is recovering after a dark time of oil price drops and lost money.
  • Samsung Group – Shareholders are fighting over this company.
  • T-Mobile – Wireless freedom over the competitors has given them good sales growth numbers.
  • Tesla – They have big goals that keep pushing them forward.
  • Under Armour – This twenty year old company has jumped to be the leader in the industry.
  • United Internet – A German Web-hosting company with large margins.
  • UnitedHealth – They are the number 1 health insurer in the U.S.
  • Zijin Mining – The company has been diversifying aggressively to combat the drop in gold prices.



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Authored by: Amanda Griffin