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Project Gravitas Prepares for Black Friday with ‘Message in a PG Box’

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project gravitas

Summary: With the holidays comes not only the biggest spending time of the year, but the opportunity to spread goodwill to those around us.

Project Gravitas has a new take on advertising this holiday season. They are giving consumers the opportunity to spread motivation and positivity starting on Black Friday.

Fashion e-commerce company Project Gravitas carries a professional line of dresses, skirts, jackets and accessories. They also work to inspire confidence in women, so they figured that the best people to do that are the women themselves, and they teamed up with Vivoom.

The fashion company wants their customers to write down a message with their favorite words to live by so it can be included in another customer’s order. The message can either be recorded using the Vivoom app or posted through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the promotions hashtag or emailed to them directly. They hope the cycle will continue.

To encourage customers to take the video route, Project Gravitas has offered a 20 percent discount on the next order the customer places.

The mesh between mobile videos with packages may seem unusual, but may be a marketing idea that will grow. Project Gravitas and Vivoom will be expanding the availability of the videos by allowing customers to post and share their own videos through social media.



Project Gravitas Prepares for Black Friday with ‘Message in a PG Box’ by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin