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How to Excel in an Entry Level Position

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Summary: Entry-level positions can be some of the hardest, but with these tips you will be able to do your best and make yourself rise above others.

As a recent college graduate or someone just starting out in the career world after a break, the chances of starting out in an entry-level position are high. Being able to excel in this position is essential to set your career path off in the right direction with the proper connections and attitude. Here is some advice for the first year:

  • Prove yourself- Never take your job for granted and show you deserve the job every day. Do what you can to get your boss and two or three other important employees as your biggest fans. Understand their needs and what sets them off.
  • Understand the leadership of the company- There is a reason the leadership of a company functions the way it does and it is essential for the new members of the company, yourself, to understand this.
  • Get to know your co-workers- Being that co-worker that eats alone at lunch or never talks with others during the day will ruin your career. Take the initiative to introduce yourself to other employees.
  • Be willing to express your ideas and gather support for them- Identify the person in the company that will care the most about your ideas, even if they are in a different department. Build energy and excitement for the idea.
  • Monitor your growth- Keep track of new accomplishments on your resume and in a portfolio. This will come in handy when the time comes for a promotion or negotiations for a higher salary.
  • Keep learning- Learn what you can about the company as well as take lessons outside of work to keep your knowledge growing.
  • Share your knowledge- Share what you have learned with others. You may find that they turn to you for advice in the future and look to you as a leader.
  • Don’t get stuck by moving forward- Even those with master’s degrees may find themselves in a position that they can’t seem to rise above. By furthering your skills and knowledge, you are helping yourself move forward so getting stuck doesn’t happen. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to keep going.


How to Excel in an Entry Level Position by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin