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15 Companies Hiring This Month

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Summary: May is a popular month for growth and hiring, especially for these 15 companies.

Are you looking for a job this month or are you just interested in seeing what opportunities there are out there? May is the perfect time to start fresh. The flowers are blooming, the weather is turning bright and sunny and college graduates are just starting to enter the career field. Now is the time to start fresh in a new career. Lucky for you, these 15 companies have a large number of openings available.

  1. Vanguard, as one of the largest investment companies in the world, will provide ample opportunities for you to learn about advising clients, and the public on investment, savings, retirement, the economy, personal finance, and more. They are experiencing a huge growth spurt with over 200 open positions.
  2. Yelp is a free website and app that lets people find and review businesses, services, and places. Yelp continues to grow as more and more people use the service and leave reviews. Senior Training Manager Sahr Siddiqi explained, “At Yelp, there are so many new jobs that pop up every year and every quarter – so many new things that people can try – and so many new areas to learn. The growth is constant, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.”
  3. iProspect is a leading digital performance marketing agency worldwide. They are looking for candidates with passion and intellectual curiosity that enjoy helping others at every chance.
  4. Group Publishing, a Christian publishing company, specializes in real ministry experiences that bring worshippers of all ages together. The company strives to be a fun place to work, resulting in being voted the best local employer for the past eight years.
  5. Medallia is a cloud-based customer experience platform, helping companies catch customer feedback that is understandable in real-time. They want employees with a “growth mindset,” meaning a belief that one’s talents can be developed dramatically. They want their employees to learn from their mistakes, adapt and practice in order to become better.
  6. NewsCred, a content marking company, works to support the creator-consumer relationship, enabling brands to become their own detectives and storytellers so that a genuine connection can be formed with consumers. The company has excellent perks for their employees to help attract candidates that can “think big.”
  7. FTD Companies is a floral and gift giving company with a focus on inspiring, supporting, and delighting customers. They provide a competitive compensation and benefits package as well as a secure and transparent workplace.
  8. Integrative Nutrition is located in New York City. They are the largest nutrition school in the world, exploring over 100 different dietary theories. Their perks focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle including access to a chiropractor, masseuse, and organic fruit deliveries once a week.
  9. Red Ventures is an American marketing and sales services company operating out of North Carolina and Brazil. They work with some of the country’s largest brands.
  10. Black Mountain Systems, an information technology company, is changing how the financial industry handles workflow and data software. There is a strong preference for a work-life balance and culture of trust at the company. They are more focused on the work getting done than how many hours people are putting in at the office. A flexible schedule is a big perk to working here.
  11. Prometheus is on the West Coast in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. They are taking aim at the apartment-renting industry with quality service and paying attention to the small details required in the apartment search and rental experience.
  12. Ventera Corporation, out of Virginia, develops management consulting software for telecommunications companies, government agencies, pension organizations, financial services firms, and other organizations around the world. Employees brag about the feeling of equal relationships with leadership.
  13. Capital One has built themselves into a nationally recognized business banking company with better-customized consumer and commercial lending and deposit financial services.
  14. Dex Media, a Dallas, Texas company, strives for small business growth with the delivery and support of digital marketing solutions that help local companies reach more customers online. The atmosphere of the company is filled with fun, food, and support.
  15. Good Apple Digital is focused on targeted digital media planning and buying in the culture of independent media. Employees are able to move up in the company when they are ready, instead of having to put in their time. They promote based on merit and performance, not time.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin