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Top 15 Highest-Paying Jobs for Recent Graduates Today

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15 Best Paying Jobs For Recent Graduates infographic

Summary: As you prepare to enter the workforce, we have compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs for recent graduates today.

Millennials are coming from the college ranks at an incredible rate and some are struggling to find jobs months after graduation. Do not let this get you down as you begin a job search. In this post, we have compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs for recent graduates today. This list should help you determine whether or not your college major will help you earn a strong living once out of school. If you have yet to declare a major, this list should help you make a decision as to your course of study.

1. Electrical Engineer

One of the highest-paying jobs for young workers in today’s workforce is electrical engineer. This is a very tough degree to earn, but it is worth it once you land a job in the field. It pays slightly over $61,000 per year on average, which is a great way to begin a professional career when looking to pay back those student loans. This is a detail-oriented job, having to design and oversee the manufacturing of electrical equipment.

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2. Software Developer

Companies are relying on employees to develop some of the best apps for our use online in today’s high-paced world of technology. You can earn an average of $59,800 as a software developer today.

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3. Mechanical Engineer

This is one of the most difficult and challenging engineering jobs in the industry today, which is why it pays an average annual salary of $58,000 for young workers right out of college.

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4. IT Business Analyst

One of the quickest growing industries in the world today is that of information technology. Because of this, the job of IT Business Analyst is one of the highest-paying jobs for young workers today. This job requires you to analyze data in an effort to determine how your company can operate more effectively. This job pays a yearly average of $54,000.

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5. Supply Chain Analyst

This job is perfect for those who have always wondered how the world goes around. You can make just over $51,000 per year as a supply chain analyst.

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6. Civil Engineer

Have you ever wanted to be responsible for the construction of a city or its roads? If so, then working as a civil engineer is your calling. You will earn an average salary of $51,000 in this position.

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7. Financial Analyst

As you continue to look for a job towards the end of your college career, or following graduation, and you studied to be a financial analyst, then you are in the right industry. This position comes with an average annual salary that hovers around $50,000 for young workers.

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8. Auditor

Auditors help companies and organizations operate efficiently. They sift through piles of data to make sure nothing is out of place, which is why this job pays $50,000 to start for young workers.

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9. Operations Manager

At an average annual salary of $47,200, an operations manager right out of college will bring home a hefty paycheck. He or she will be responsible for the daily operations of their department or entire organization.

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10. Data Analyst

These employees use software programs to find trends in customer purchases and much more. They bring home an average salary of $47,000 per year.

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11. Web and App Developer

Website and application developers pull down a pretty strong salary right out of college. This position pays an average salary of just under $46,000 per year for young workers. If you ever wanted to be the person responsible for a website or an application, then this is the job that you should be working.

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12. Assistant Project Manager in Construction

If you have always wanted to work in construction, but did not know where to start, working as an assistant project manager could be the job for you. These employees pull down an average of $45,300 per year. Working as a project manager in construction means that you will be responsible for the timely and correct construction of new buildings and homes.

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13. Underwriter for Insurance Companies

If you are interested in the insurance industry, becoming an underwriter might be the direction you should take your career. This position pays an average annual salary of just under $45,000. You will be managing risk for companies that need to insure people or lend them money.

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14. Buyer

Do you absolutely love to shop? If so, working as a buyer is the right job for you out of college. This career involves finding the right products and services for the customers/clients of your company so it can succeed. This position pays an average annual salary of $43,800.

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15. Technical Writer

If you enjoy writing, consider a career in technical writing. This position will pay young workers an average annual salary of $43,500. It requires workers to write grants, manuals and documents that have technical specifications in them.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo