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From a Nonprofit to the Private Sector: How to Make the Switch

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Summary: Find out how to break into the sports or entertainment industry after working at a nonprofit organization.


Question: I received a BA in business administration with a double major in marketing and management from an Ivy League university last year. I accomplished this goal while working full-time as an administrative assistant to the associate vice president/director of a nonprofit organization. I’ve worked in the secretarial/administrative field for 12 years, but this isn’t a direction I wish to continue in. I’m also looking to relocate to New York City. I’d like to utilize my marketing education in either the sports or entertainment industry, but I don’t have experience in either. I know an internship in those fields would have helped me get exposure and experience, but working full-time and going to school at night made it difficult to take on an internship. Your suggestions?

Answer: It’s never too late to seek an internship, and you’ve proven that you can balance one with a paying job until you get the experience you need. Since your college credentials are so good, use the placement office at your alma mater to aim high: pro sports teams, major broadcast networks, entertainment conglomerates, etc. Once you line up a great internship, you can decide what type of bill-paying job you need to tide you over. In this economy, that should be easy.

From a Nonprofit to the Private Sector: How to Make the Switch by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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