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From a Nonprofit to the Private Sector: How to Make the Switch

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Summary: Learn how you can break into the sports or entertainment industry after working in a nonprofit job.


Question: I received a BA in business administration with a double major in marketing and management from an Ivy League university last year. I accomplished this goal while working full-time as an administrative assistant to the associate vice president/director of a nonprofit organization. I’ve worked in the secretarial/administrative field for 12 years, but this isn’t a direction I wish to continue in. I’m also looking to relocate to New York City. I’d like to utilize my marketing education in either the sports or entertainment industry, but I don’t have experience in either. I know an internship in those fields would have helped me get exposure and experience, but working full time and going to school at night made it difficult to take on an internship. Your suggestions?

Answer: It’s never too late to seek an internship, and you’ve proven that you can balance one with a paying job until you get the experience you need. Since your college credentials are so good, use the placement office at your alma mater to aim high: pro sports teams, major broadcast networks, entertainment conglomerates, etc. Once you line up a great internship, you can decide what type of bill-paying job you need to tide you over. In this economy, that should be easy.

From a Nonprofit to the Private Sector: How to Make the Switch by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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