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Finding a Good Paid Summer Internship

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Summary: Learn how to find a relevant and fulfilling paid internship in your intended major in this article.


Question: I am finishing my freshman year at college and am planning to major in the classics (I love Greek and Latin). I worked as an unpaid intern on Capitol Hill last summer but I need to earn some money this year. Where can I find a rewarding paid internship?

Answer: Combine a variety of approaches to maximize opportunities for success. In addition to paid internships related to the classics, consider paid internships of any type or get a summer job and pursue the classics on the side, possibly through a limited number of hours in an unpaid internship.

The following are among the roles that might hold an attraction: institutional research aide, foreign-language librarian’s assistant, bookstore clerk, archaeological-dig assistant, historical museum administrative assistant, copy editor/reader. Beyond the classics, the possibilities are endless, so focus on satisfying interests and developing skills in a stimulating setting.

Visit your school’s career-services office to talk with counselors who can help with a strategy, and search the Internet for other sources of internships, such as But move quickly, as paid internship slots fill early.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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