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Ready, Set, Go! You Have 30 Minutes to Prepare for an Interview

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30 minutes to prepare

Summary: With just thirty minutes to prepare for an interview, spend that time preparing the right stuff to help you through the interview.

You never know when your boss may show up, asking you to interview for that job advancement you applied for weeks ago. Or you make get an email requesting a phone interview within the next hour. While it may be more considerate of them to plan the interview for the next day, there may be other circumstances or reasons that do not allow for that consideration. They are giving you thirty minutes to get ready. Thirty minutes is not much time to prepare so follow these steps to make sure you spend that time on the things that matter.

1 Minute: Confirm the time and date of your interview. There is no point in going to all of this trouble right now if the interview is actually a week from today at a half-hour from the time.

5 minutes: Reread the job description to help you refresh on what specifically the job requires. Pay attention to the skills and experience required.

10 Minutes: Gain general knowledge of the company. Know what product or services they provide, their pricing model, and the type of customers and competitors they deal with.

5 Minutes: Come up with examples that display your talents. They will ask about your experience and how you can add to the team. Whatever the skills and experience that the job requires, have examples of how you have completed them. If the job requires sales, provide numbers on sales you have made or the number of deals you have closed. Explain what skills you used to produce these sales and deals.

5 Minutes: Have three or four questions about the product, job, company, or interviewer based on the research you have done. The questions should be about something you are genuinely curious about or interested in so that you can decide if the job is the right one for you.

Whatever you do, do not complain about the lack of time to prepare. Your interviewer will expect you to always be prepared and this may even be part of why they gave you a short notice to when you have an interview.

What is the shortest amount of time you have had to prepare for an interview? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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Ready, Set, Go! You Have 30 Minutes to Prepare for an Interview by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin